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Becoming a partner

Working together for your business


We’re proud to be working with the best supply chain partners across the UK and Ireland, who continue to work with us because of our clear and fair payment terms. Our service level agreements work with you to ensure both you and our clients are protected.

Why work with us?

A steady, secure income is important to all of our partners, and we’re sure you are no different. Because of the nature of how we work with our clients, and how we partner with you, our suppliers, we can provide assurance that work will be stable and reliable. Our unique online Freedom portal and engineers’ app also mean all processes with us are paperless, reducing admin for those in and out of the field.

Through this portal, you can consolidate your billing as well as keep track of all jobs in real-time. Because of this purpose-built technology, your engineers will be required to operate from mobile devices – this ensures they can spend their time completing tasks, not filling out forms.

What can you bring?

We work with some of the world’s best-known brands, which means the expertise we need is wide and varied. Just some of the disciplines we require are building maintenance services, HVAC, gas safety, waste management, pest control, energy management, fire safety and lighting.

What happens next?

The first stage is pre-qualification – so we will ask you some questions about your business and tell you a little about ours. We will probably arrange to meet you so we can get to know each other’s companies. During this stage we’ll review all information you send us as well as running a credit check through a third party agency. We will also run health and safety checks via your own sign-up to the SAFE Contractor Scheme or SVC third party vetting process.

If you are appointed, we’ll put a Service Level Agreement in place which will confirm things like basic response times, use of the Freedom platform and payment terms. We’ll work with you closely to support you in the Cloudfm way of working. This includes free training on the Freedom platform.

Interested in becoming a supply chain partner?

If you’re ready for expert partnership with minimal risk, it’s time we talked.

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