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Senior Developer


I joined Cloudfm, straight from university, as a trainee developer. My role is pretty varied – I could be fixing bugs, evaluating feature requests or working on projects like the development of a new app.

If I’m not coding or tinkering around, I’m usually either in the kitchen cooking (Korean is my favourite at the moment) or I’ll be outside spending time with my wife Louise (who I met at Cloudfm), our dogs and our flock of chickens.

I work from home most of the time (which means I can keep an eye on the flock!) but I also enjoy going to Cloudfm’s Innovation Hub for one of our regular IT hacks. Hacks are where we work together and use our creative skills to come up with tech solutions for business problems, all in 24 hours (there’s plenty of pizza and beer to keep us going!).

I love having a job that allows me to do something I’m passionate about as well as giving me the freedom to live life my way.

Lewis, Senior Developer

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