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Rob Turner,
Lead Engineer


The part of my job that I love the most is the interaction with people and that feeling when you leave a site having fixed something that’s broken, our clients really appreciate it and the relationship starts to grow. That’s the best feeling, making people happy.

My biggest achievement at Cloudfm is being promoted to Lead Engineer which has allowed me time to support other engineers and I get to build great relationships with engineers and customers alike.

During my time with Cloudfm I’ve added so many qualifications to my skill set. Cloudfm actively encourages you to apply for courses and supports you all the way. What I’ve gained while working here will assist me throughout the rest of my working career.

Cloudfm never stands still. It’s always evolving, and this constantly challenges you but also creates opportunities. If you put in the effort you’ll be rewarded with job satisfaction and the potential to further your career with an ever expanding company as opportunities arise.

Rob Turner, Lead Engineer

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