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Aged Tasks Reminder

Supplier news | Published 15/01/2016

New system in place

In December we notified you that we need to begin enforcing the SLA for aged open tasks. This move is in response to client pressure to reduce the number of tasks left open after acceptance, even if the work has taken place. This means that the system is not properly reflecting reality, and prevents suppliers from being paid for the work.

The automatic process of cancelling these outstanding open tasks has now started, and you will receive a report every Monday which lists open tasks that are overdue. These need to be closed by you within 5 days or they will be cancelled.

Clearly this means that you will not be able to claim for payment for cancelled tasks, even if work has been carried out, so please don’t ignore these warning reports. Take action right away to close the relevant tasks.

Individual tasks may need to be ‘released’ in the system before they can be closed. Previously, you needed to ask us to release tasks for closure, but it’s now possible for you to do this yourself, which will speed the process up.

If there are legitimate reasons why a task should be allowed to remain open, you will need to notify us on a case by case basis and apply for them to be kept open as an exception.

Review with the Client

All tasks cancelled by Cloudfm will then be reviewed with the client to check whether the work concerned is still required. If not, there is no further action.

If the work is still required by the client, the task will be logged again. Please bear in mind that it will likely be offered to another contractor with the aim of ensuring that it is completed in a timely fashion and within SLA.

Further Questions?

We hope that this process improvement will reduce the amount of manual work involved in keeping your task closure records up to date and accurate, and will allow you to claim for payment earlier than at present.

If you have any questions about the process please contact


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