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Published 09/11/2023

The truth is, there won’t be a future unless we act now. But we don’t want to sit and wait for the worst to happen. This is why Cloud’s platform Mindsett and The Reef Company have united to create a dual solution. Mindsett addresses the first part of the equation, preventing and reducing carbon emissions by changing behaviour and helping businesses achieve net zero. The Reef Company are dedicated to revitalising the world’s oceans. Creating a robust oceanic backbone to build thousands of engineered reefs worldwide, through large, stackable, reef modules and data collectors.

Humanity’s best chance of preventing climate change from worsening, lies in harnessing the power of human ingenuity to halt carbon emissions. Electricity is and will continue to be, an ideal means of converting clean and renewable energy sources for mankind’s continued evolution. Mindsett PRISM® gears up this development on land.

Combining the power of data harvested from land and from sea, is going to help us all in the fight for climate rescue. Cloud’s platform Mindsett PRISM® and The Reef Company’s technologies combine to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon sinks by restoring the oceans.

Carbon capture has its place, but it’s like trying to fill broken pipework with water. If we keep pouring carbon in, it’s a never-ending battle. The collaboration between Cloud and The Reef Company, is not only stopping the leaks but also fixing the pipework. While we can’t rewrite history, we can set new wheels in motion.

It’s us as individuals, business owners and humanity as a whole, who have the power to make a difference.

As we head out to Lisbon, Portugal, for the Vistage EMEA Summit, we are looking forward to engaging with an international audience, who will see first-hand how our patented IoT building asset monitoring solution – Mindsett PRISM®, is changing the built environment.

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