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Cloudfm and our Supply Chain Partners

Corporate | Published 26/04/2018

As well as our own team of elite engineers, Cloudfm works with a wide range of specialist Supply Chain Partners. Cloudfm sets the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the industry, and we work with our Supply Chain Partners to help them achieve sector-leading effectiveness and speed, able to respond within minutes to challenges at our clients’ sites.

To continue this process, our senior team are currently on the road, leading a series of workshops with representatives from our Supply Chain Partners. These are open forums, where our Supply Chain Partners have the opportunity to work with our senior team on how to most effectively implement our service level guidelines.

Our Supply Chain Partners set the highest standards in the industry for arrival times, job completion and first-time fix. We work closely with them to uphold the clearest, most effective set of service levels in the FM sector, and the series of workshops currently ongoing is part of that effort.

As Cloudfm continues to drive up standards in the FM sector, so the expectations of clients continue to increase. As such, the capabilities of our Supply Chain Partners continue to grow, and we’re very proud to work with them as they continue to achieve ever-higher levels of performance and quality.

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