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Cloudfm delivers breathtaking innovations with a £2m supply chain investment

Corporate | Published 09/10/2016

Cloudfm has launched a series of ground-breaking benefits for its supply chain partners.

Hosted at an exclusive location in the heart of the UK, the launch event was attended by over 200 contractors from all over the UK and Ireland. The Cloudfm team, headed by CEO Jeff Dewing, outlined a variety of initiatives that are set to transform service levels and drive value for its growing customer base.

The first half of the conference focused on technology, with the unveiling of Cloudfm Freedom — the company’s most advanced contractor system to date. This slick new software updates Cloudfm’s original technology platform and delivers unrivalled visibility and flexibility for supply chain partners.

Jeff Dewing, CEO comments: “Cloudfm Freedom has been two years in development and will give our supply chain partners an invaluable tool that can scale according to the demands of their business. We’ve seen many of our contractors’ businesses grow substantially during our partnership with them and I’m really excited to see how Cloudfm Freedom’s implementation will further deliver real and tangible financial benefits.”

If that wasn’t enough, the afternoon session saw Cloudfm introduce a raft of supply chain benefits to revolutionise service levels and drive a total focus on quality delivery. Jeff Dewing introduced a range of business tools to drive growth with the launch of a new incentive scheme to reward the supply chains’ field based engineers – these included:

  • A guaranteed rate increase for all contractors with a total focus on the quality delivery that Cloudfm has long campaigned for
  • Slashing supply chain payment cycles by up to 20 days to be the fastest payers in the market
  • Investment of over £0.5m in a generous incentive scheme for supply chain engineers each time the Cloudfm app is used upon arrival and completion of jobs, ensuring real time visibility
  • A reward payment for 1hr response times to fix clients’ non-trading buildings

Jeff Dewing, Cloudfm’s CEO comments: “I’m delighted to launch these new initiatives. Cloudfm’s ethos is to drive change within the FM industry, and we believe we are breaking the mould yet again. Our total investment in new benefits is over £2m, and in our opinion is essential to facilitate mutual growth and industry change.”

Cloudfm ended the conference with the biggest supply chain bonus of all – suppliers were gifted the use of Cloudfm’s multi-million pound system for their own business at no cost – completely free and unlicensed.

Jeff Dewing remarks “Over the last few years, Cloudfm has successfully influenced its client base to recognise managing value, rather than cost. Cloudfm’s £2m investment is designed to create the right behaviour, which in turn generates the value, as well as extremely high quality”.


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