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Cloudfm delivers impressive results on new BPP contract

Corporate | Published 24/04/2017

Just months into their partnership with university and professional education providers BPP, Cloudfm is already significantly reducing the FM expenditure of their new client – with a saving of 23.8% on quoted works to date, achieved through the implementation of robust and innovative, industry-leading FM processes.

Having previously worked with Cloudfm Consulting to address a number of high-level technical projects, BPP knew the expertise and efficiency that Cloudfm could deliver – so when FM delivery came to be reviewed, the company was front of mind. “As an organisation it was clear that we needed to make a significant change to the way we manage FM. The TFM contract we formerly employed simply wasn’t delivering the level of service and efficiency our customers and stakeholders expect, and we recognised the need for far greater control and visibility,” said Maggie Parker, Head of Property, Facilities and Customer Service at BPP. “Cloudfm’s real-time solution and unique processes give us the oversight we require, and the confidence that our estate is being managed effectively, both in terms of quality and cost.”

The multi-million pound five year contract began in June 2016. Cloudfm manages the maintenance for the whole estate of 20 training facilities across the UK, using their own team of multi-skilled engineers, focusing on Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM).

The figure of a 23.8% saving on quoted works is notable enough, but there’s another key statistic that’s even more worthy of highlighting. The Average Job Value (AJV) has already been reduced by 19.6% – this important figure is the truest measure of FM expenditure value possible. By factoring in all jobs, covering both PPM and Reactive Maintenance, even including quoted works and snagging, AJV offers a much clearer picture of the cost involved in keeping an estate compliant and avoiding businesses disruption through breakdowns.

Along with this focus on cutting FM costs through greater control and visibility, Cloudfm’s approach simultaneously improves quality – a fact that became valuable to BPP almost instantly. “Right at the start of the contract it became clear that the compliance reporting by the incumbent provider was insufficient, and in fact levels were lower than those our client was expecting,” explained Sheaun Carpenter, Account Director at Cloudfm. “Our forensic approach to the audit process, where every compliance certificate is checked rather than just a sample, revealed the true picture. This transparency enabled us to work with BPP to very quickly raise compliance levels.”

Working in partnership, BPP and Cloudfm have been able to significantly improve standards across the estate, ensuring that BPP’s customers and stakeholders feel the benefit, as well as improving the company’s bottom line. “We’ve been delighted with Cloudfm’s commitment to innovation and quality, which tallies well with our own ethos,” continued Maggie Parker. “The transparency and reliability of the data we receive, along with their expert guidance on technical and organisational aspects, ensures that we can make the best decisions to ensure best quality and best value from our FM expenditure.”

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