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Cloudfm hold Wolseley client week

Corporate | Published 23/11/2018

Having expert knowledge of our clients and their businesses is of immeasurable value to us. It allows us to provide the best possible quality and worth to those we serve. Because of this, our teams regularly hold ‘client weeks’, working alongside a specific client to host a themed week full of activities for our team members to get to know our clients better.

Although rooted in fun, the week’s activities have serious business value to Cloudfm, generating additional knowledge for our employees across the board, from Helpdesk to Supply Chain. This means that by the end of the week, our teams know more about the chosen client than ever before.

This week we welcomed Wolseley as our client week star and the competitive natures of our teams certainly shone through. From recognising industrial lorry cleaning machines in Catchphrase to hearing from one of our supply chain partners about racking, the teams involved approached every activity will full Cloudfm gusto.

Andrew Barker, Cloudfm Account Manager for Wolseley, commented:

“The atmosphere for the entire client week has been electric. It’s been led by an extraordinarily enthusiastic Key Account Supervisor whose dedication to all things Wolseley has brought fun and learning to all the carefully planned activities.

Exceeding knowledge of our clients’ businesses above and beyond the expectations of the industry is something we’re incredibly proud to model. It allows us to continue to ensure our service meets and exceeds the needs of any client we work with.

Huge thanks to all those involved.”

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