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Cloudfm — SPF for Refrigeration Woes

Corporate | Published 25/07/2016

While the recent heat wave has been a welcome change for most, higher than average temperatures can often spell disaster for restaurant and catering businesses who rely on their fridges and freezers to work effectively.

During peak summer months fridges and freezers have to work harder as the heat outside rises. When maximum levels are exceeded in the kitchen it can cause equipment to overheat and fail, resulting in huge losses for the business. While breakdowns are inevitable, the spike caused by the weather can often result in up to a 500% increase — far more than the number of qualified engineers available who can handle it.

Cloudfm is always striving to ensure our clients have the best possible service and thanks to our team of preventative maintenance engineers, managed under Cloudfm Shared Services, we’re delighted to report our clients have not experienced a single spike in refrigeration related call-outs.

Cloudfm Shared Services provides a proactive approach to maintenance that sees our engineers check all client buildings on a monthly basis to repair and monitor key assets that require continuous upkeep. Thanks to regular cleaning and inspections we are able to anticipate potential issues and ensure equipment is always working at optimum level.

Cloudfm also communicate with our clients’ staff who work directly with the equipment offering helpful tips and advice on how to keep their machines functioning effectively, whatever the weather.

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