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Cloudfm team to gain greater share in company’s success

Corporate | Published 13/04/2018

Cloudfm is pleased to announce our Employee Partnership Scheme. The new profit-sharing structure will give our staff a major stake in the company’s ongoing success.

The Scheme will be calculated as a proportion of the company’s EBITDA in the 20/21 financial year. There will also be the opportunity for new members of staff to join the Scheme, as and when they come on board.

With the company expanding rapidly, and set to achieve ambitious growth targets over the next three years, the Board and CEO took the decision to create the Scheme as a highly tangible reinforcement of Cloudfm’s commitment to its people, and its belief that hard work, leadership and innovation should be fully recognised at all levels of the organisation.

Jeff Dewing, CEO of Cloudfm Group commented: “Cloudfm’s exponential growth over the last six years has been driven by the passion, commitment and belief of our ever-growing team. We want to reward that hard work as much as possible, and also give our colleagues a material stake in the overall performance of the business.

“Successful businesses foster a positive environment, giving their staff the best possible opportunity to thrive and excel. As a group, the Cloudfm Board felt that inviting all of our colleagues to share in the financial success of the business was an important step in helping them to perform at their absolute best, and drive our mission of changing facilities management for the better.”

Caitlyn Brown, Operations Coordinator and former apprentice at Cloudfm, and Partner in the new Scheme, added: “It’s great to feel that we have a real share in the rewards of the company’s success. It’s always been exciting to be part of such a fast-growing, dynamic organisation, and the new Employee Partnership Scheme just adds to the satisfaction of working in an organisation where hard work and effectiveness are always recognised.”

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