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Engineers Conference Summer 2017: sharing what makes our business tick (and having a few laughs)

Corporate | Published 14/06/2017

If you’ve ever worked in the field, you’ll know how easy it is to lose your sense of connection to the company you work for, and the wider team you work with. That’s why, twice a year, we run a conference especially for our engineers.

This event helps them reconnect with the wider team within the company. It gives our management team a means to share – face-to-face – how our company is performing, and what we’re doing to give employees more opportunities for career growth. It’s more proof that working for Cloudfm means more than simply wearing a badge; we’re on a mission to improve how our industry works, and that includes improvements for employees as well as for clients and supply chain partners.

So, on 10th June, almost 100 engineers took part in an informative, inspirational event. From a brilliant talk by football legend Tony Cottee (who shared his advice on the importance of having a game plan when it comes to achieving success), to an update on pensions and benefits from our HR department, the sessions were engaging and well-received. There was also a review of our current clients by Group Commercial Director Adam Clayfield, and a lively speech from CEO Jeff Dewing – who brought everyone up to speed on Cloudfm’s industry-leading vision, announced a huge investment in training for the coming year, and much more besides.

Of course, alongside the more informative, serious sessions there were a number of team-building activities with a lighter tone – with trust falls, Scalextric car building and rope-walking all challenging attendees in different ways. Then, in the evening, friendly rivalries became apparent while watching the Scotland-England World Cup Qualifier, though the score of 2-2 enabled supporters of both teams to hold their heads high!

It was an excellent day and, judging by the comments we received, we’re all looking forward to the next Engineers Conference in December:

“Excellent conference. Well organised and executed with military precision!”


“The board’s enthusiasm definitely rubs off on the engineers, what a fantastic company! I’m proud to say I work for Cloudfm. Thank you. The conference has given me a new lease of life going forward.”


“It was a great day! It inspires me to move forward within the company and in life in general!”


“I’d like to thank you, as there are not many companies and bosses that treat their team like you do us, it’s a pleasure working for you.”


“I am very proud to work for Cloudfm, best company I have worked for. Thanks for the hospitality and the evening arrangements.”


“What an honour it is to be given the opportunity to be a part of such a positive outlook on changing the whole structure!! It inspires myself to move forward within the company and in life in general!!”


“I was genuinely blown away yesterday, it was my first conference and the day really did make me feel welcome. I feel truly lucky to have found & be part of a mission & purpose driven organisation. I also believe what is going on & happening at Cloudfm is that every single individual is working side by side to achieve goals, mission & purpose & what life should be about.”

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