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Enhanced maternity, adoption and paternity leave announced at Cloudfm

Published 03/02/2023

The ability to plan a family, without the additional stress of worry about paying bills, is fundamental to many people’s life journey.
We recognised through our colleague forums and Peakon employee surveys, that we needed to address our policy for Maternity, Adoption and Paternity leave.

Our Exec team are absolutely delighted to be able to announce this week, that from 1 February 2023, all colleagues taking Maternity, Adoption or Paternity leave, will enjoy enhanced leave arrangements, above and beyond the statutory minimum.

Under our new policy anyone employed in our teams, will receive 14 weeks leave at 100% pay, in either Maternity or Adoption circumstances.
And thereafter 25 weeks leave at Statutory Maternity Pay – currently £157 per week.

Also, those wishing to take Paternity leave, will be able to take a full two weeks leave at full (100%) pay.

Knowing that our teams’ income is safeguarded and their interests are being looked after, at a time when they themselves are looking after their families, gives us all great pride.

Another reason to be Proud to be Cloud. To find out more about the benefits of Working at Cloudfm, click through here:

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