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How market changing tech will advance our supply chain

Published 25/11/2022

At this month’s Supply Chain Partner Forum, we unveiled the new technology that has been created, developed, and trialled by our partners at Mindsett.

Showcasing market changing tools that will revolutionise our ability to upskill our engineering workforce through the ‘Virtual Academy’, alongside unique and highly sought after predictive maintenance technology, enabled by IoT. This technology is generating powerful insights that are going to change the game for our clients, our supply chain partners and the planet.

With our desire to harness the capabilities we’ve evolved, that will lead to energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions across multiple sectors, we are excited and happy to share how with our supply chain partners.

We are ready for the market and ready to pass on these outstanding benefits to our clients, and across the entire FM and energy eco-system.

Find out more about how our technology could impact your business, contact us today on or sign up to register your interest as a supply chain partner and join us in our revolution.

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