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Join the Crowd fund supporting the business leaders of tomorrow

Published 05/09/2022

Cloudfm are proud to support Ultra Education‘s crowdfunding initiative supported by British Airways, to stage a Winter Youth Business Fair in Wembley.

Up to £25k will be match funded by BA, to enable the Ultra Education team to provide free spaces at the fair, to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To contribute to the crowd fund and view stories of how young people are developing the confidence and skills to become our future business leaders and entrepreneurs, follow the link below

CEO of Ultra Education, Julian Hall :

“Most successful entrepreneurs begin to acquire the mindset they need at an early age; just look at the 11 year old girl pictured. She’s one of Ultra Education’s mini-CEOs 🙂

….and many of them just can’t wait to get going. We’ve found that kids are straining at the leash by the time they reach their teens. They’re wanting to cut their teeth on business ideas and selling strategies long before the average university student has sobered up from Fresher’s Week.

But – and this ‘but’ especially applies to young boys and girls from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds – these potential business drivers need to be equipped with the kind of fundamental skills and experience that will enable them to realise their ideas and enterprising spirit. And that is where we step in to support them.—youth-business-fair—winter-2022?utm_content=220217871&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&hss_channel=lcp-2931627

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