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Sport for all – without barriers

Published 09/06/2023

A key ambition of our ESG activity is to support local sports teams and encourage those who are less likely to pursue a sport, to give it a try. Often viewed as elitist, the golfing world feels out of reach to many.

Created by Lexden Wood Golf Club captain, James Wills, a new fund has been established to give young people from North Essex with social, economic and medical challenges the chance to try the game.

James said: “The sport is often seen as expensive and elitist, but at Lexden nothing could be further from the truth. Junior golf is more than just about hitting a ball, the sport also teaches kids about following rules, self-discipline, proper behaviour, and respecting others and their surroundings.
“The JRW Memorial Fund, set up in my late father’s memory, is available to give disadvantaged local youngsters the chance to try the sport, and financially support those who fall in love with the game to meet equipment and other costs which might be an obstacle for their continued participation.

“We are appealing for any schools, organisations, support groups or parents who might be interested to get in touch. It is also our intention to start an outreach programme where our golf team can visit schools and the like.

Jeff Dewing, Cloudfm CEO: “As a lifetime sports fan, I understand the value of grass roots sport in encouraging young people to push their boundaries, while developing life skills, self-discipline and resilience. We really appreciate this opportunity for Cloudfm to get involved in supporting this great community initiative from Lexden Wood Golf Club and the JRW Memorial fund.”

“How many people we can help will depend on how much money we can raise, but we would be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in getting support.
They should email”

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