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Terry Mills, Cloud COO, explains what drives him today and the thrill of creating a new global market

Published 20/02/2024

In his recent Q&A with Jo Sutherland, editor at the Good Business campaign, Terry Mills, COO at Cloudfm Group, shared his career story.

From professional marine engineer to chartered engineer and global FM leader, Terry has experienced the full range of engineering innovations, and FM contract scenarios – and observed both good and bad practices.

Explaining his philosophy of ‘Outsourcing to Right-sourcing’in FM procurement, (the subject of his 2021 whitepaper), and the successes of adopting a partnership approach to large scale FM contract negotiations; Terry reveals what drives him today, and why he’s so excited about the future and global expansion plans, at Cloudfm Group.

“I’m here to lead the transition to technology and data-led total asset care, leveraging our two technology platforms Freedom and Mindsett PRISM®, because our strategy is to grow the business globally, and we can only do that by embracing tech and innovation. The global solution is clearly technology driven and we’ll be working in collaboration with some large channel and direct customers to deliver outstanding results in the space of energy and asset management, particularly with Mindsett PRISM®. What excites me the most about my role is that I love finding solutions with channel and client partners, putting them into action and watching them come to life.”

Read the full interview here:

Find out about the unique benefits of the Mindsett PRISM® solution –

Read Terry’s whitepaper here:
Outsourcing to Right-Sourcing of (Facilities) Services and Management FINAL

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