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World FM Day

Corporate | Published 12/05/2021

Today is World FM Day.
We asked our team what doing the right thing means to them…and why in our industry it’s so important.

Katie Creek – Head of Internal Communications
We all want to make a difference – whether its doing the right thing by our colleagues or our family and friends. Our legacy should be one of pride and knowing we did our best with honesty and good grace.

Nigel Smith – Technical Support Centre – Team Leader
For me the important things in life are the global themes – self-development and feeling valuable and skilled in your craft is high on my list.
I enjoy training others in technical skills and learning new skills myself. Lifetime learning is the key to our progress.

David Attoe – IoT Development Director
Keep innovating – see the bigger picture and anticipate and imagine the impossible. A world without horizons is the one we’re heading into.

Alice Stutter – Customer Services – Team Leader
Doing the right thing for me, means taking a step in the other person’s shoes, thinking of their feelings and their troubles first, then finding a way to make it a better day. An imperfect solution might be better than a perfect one, right now in this moment.

Kelly Summersell – Senior Supply Chain Manager / SC Lead
Through building, nurturing and maintaining strong positive partnerships with our Supply Chain, we are working together to change the rules in FM.
This means always working hard, thinking smart and leaning on each other when we need to.

Cloudfm’s values are Humility, Integrity, Empathy and Freedom – and each of us in the business, is striving to bring these values to work everyday – and especially today on the world stage.

Have a great day!!!

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