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Cloudfm Consulting helps BPP to achieve significant energy savings through LED lighting refit


A global leader in education, BPP is a private education group specialising in law, business, technology, finance, accountancy, banking, chiropractic, nursing, psychology and healthcare. It educates more than 80,000 learners a year, works with in excess of 7,000 businesses, and delivers its education programmes to learners from over 170 countries across the world.


With such a large volume of students and businesses visiting a variety of UK premises every day, BPP requires its estate to be maintained to the highest possible standard. Since partnering with Cloudfm in 2016, the University has achieved significant improvements to its estate and generated a £77,000 per annum saving – a significant amount that can now be redirected to other projects which benefit the students.

An analysis of BPP’s estate, undertaken by Cloudfm’s consulting team, identified an opportunity to reduce its energy consumption and operate more efficiently. Cloudfm engaged with leading utilities and energy consultant, Utility Team, to carry out a re-tender of BPP’s utility services. The objective was to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency through a re-procurement of its gas and electricity services whilst identifying opportunities to take advantage of government incentive schemes. 

E.on was selected as the utility provider of choice and, following a consultation with Cloudfm’s consulting team, offered to grant BPP £115,000 for it to invest in a green scheme and energy reduction programme.


An analysis of BPP’s utility expenditure on gas and electric across all sites found the University’s Holborn building (Red Lion Street) to be the most expensive building to maintain in terms of reactive maintenance.

This was due to an unusually high rate of lightbulb outages, the materials and repairs of which were cutting into the FM budget. It was therefore highlighted as a key investment case for an energy reduction programme. 

Cloudfm Consulting advised BPP to invest the full £115,000 energy grant in to improving the energy efficiency of the Holborn site. Over a 7-week period, the 7-storey building was entirely refitted with LED lighting.

LEDs were the perfect fit for a variety of reasons, most notably their extended lifespans, reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements.

What’s more, the refit will contribute to BPP’s Carbon Reduction Commitments (CRC), a commodity which is set to become more expensive than electric due to Climate Change Levy charges.  

In addition to the energy savings that the LED lighting will generate, Cloudfm also worked with Utility Team to centralise the metering agreements for gas and power for the BPP estate.

£115k energy grant secured and fully invested in to LED lighting
£14,660 on average of maintenance saving on labour and materials a year
7,000 kwh energy saving, on average per month at the Holborn site

When we asked Cloudfm Consulting to carry out a re-procurement of our energy provider, we had no idea that they would go above and beyond our expectations. Not only did they succeed in significantly reducing our gas and electricity rates, but they secured a significant energy grant, at no cost to us. The LED lighting refit will provide a huge financial payback to us whilst helping to meet our carbon reduction commitments and optimising the working environment for our students.

We have noticed a huge difference since the LED lighting has been fitted to the Holborn building. The brightness and colouring of the light creates a pleasant environment to learn in and has certainly contributed to an increased output of work amongst the students.”

National Facilities Manager


“We have seen an increase in student satisfaction scores after the LED lighting was fitted to our Holborn building.  We are also pleased to receive excellent feedback from students via both our formal and informal feedback processes. Additionally, students have commented positively on the improved look and feel of the building and the vibrant professional atmosphere created by the new lighting.  We look forward to receiving further positive feedback as student feedback on the new lighting have surpassed our expectations.”

Head of Student Experience and Library Services


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