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Chiltern Railways drive value and compliance



Covering the Chiltern Line from London Marylebone up to Birmingham Moore Street Station, we have partnered with Chiltern Railways to improve levels of compliance auditability and validity.

As part of their continued commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of their customers and staff, Chiltern Railways were looking for a partner to work with to improve not only levels of compliance across their estate but also the auditability and validity of those compliance tasks and subsequent remedials.

Chiltern Railways were keen to drive value across the franchise utilising a strong, suitable supply chain who were able to work to the high standards expected in a busy railway environment involving the public. They wanted assurance that contractors were vetted thoroughly to ensure safe working practices, and that relevant RAM’s were being not only managed but adhered to in practice.

Additionally, Chiltern Railways want to ensure that they are receiving value across both planned and reactive works. By utilising the buying power of Cloudfm’s supply chain and its innovative contractor management processes and systems, Chiltern Railways are saving money. At the same time, we are improving the look and feel of the stations for their customers.

We completed a full audit of all Planned Preventative Maintenance and compliance paperwork provided by Chiltern Railways’ incumbent suppliers. The audit revealed that the estate was falling short of expected compliance levels.

Throughout the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Cloudfm worked with the Chiltern Railways team to drive compliance to 58% and have put in place a plan for specific a remedials project that will improve the compliance levels by another 20% over 18 months.

Chiltern Railways are pleased with the compliance results that bring greater security to their operations, but also with the ‘real time’ weekly and monthly compliance tracking provided by Cloudfm technology.

Cloudfm have been able to procure significant savings in multiple disciplines of work including a cost saving of 25% across their depots, which has led to further work being passed to us.

Initially depots were not included within the scope of work for Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), but as our relationship has grown, we are now managing 80% of all PPM work required at all four depot sites. Only specialist items related directly to the engineering element of the depot, remain outside of Cloudfm’s management.

We are in discussions with Chiltern Railways around utilising Cloudfm’s innovations to deploy IoT (Internet of Things), technology across their entire rail estate, which will allow monitoring and management of key assets and more effective energy management.

58% Compliance driven upwards in 12 months
25% Savings across all depots

We chose Cloudfm because of their innovative contractor management processes and systems designed to save money, alongside their commitment to improving the look and feel of the stations for our customers.”

Gavin Chamberlain - Buildings and Plant Manager
Chiltern Railways
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