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PizzaExpress controls activity and cost in real time with Cloudfm


Cloudfm’s industry-leading technology provides end- to-end visibility of supply chain activity. Thanks to this functionality, PizzaExpress empowers restaurant managers to log their own maintenance jobs, resulting in more efficient activity and faster results.


One of Britain’s best-loved casual dining brands, PizzaExpress has 485 restaurants across the UK and Ireland (known as Milano in the ROI), each with its own distinctive style. Outstanding customer experience, great design and exceptional quality are fundamental values of the brand, which continues to grow at an impressive pace.

Facilities management is therefore central to the company’s success and, when looking for a new FM partner, the goal was to engage with a company that could deliver further improvements. Particular emphasis was placed upon supplier management, cost reduction and communication.

Connecting all of these was the necessity for reliable, real-time data. PizzaExpress explored the various software solutions available on the market, but these still relied on administrators to input the data. A complete change of approach was required.


PizzaExpress began the process by engaging with restaurant managers throughout the country.

Real-time financial and compliance data was highlighted, together with a more efficient accounting system, dynamic PPM planning, and end-to-end visibility of supply chain activity.

Cloudfm were able to deliver on all counts. Their unique processes and system platform means that responsibility for inputting data resides with the engineer on site, measured by the minute to ensure clients only pay for the value received. For the first time it was possible for PizzaExpress to control activity and costs in real-time, while at the same time improving confidence in their data, compliance and trading capability.


  • Within nine months of working with Cloudfm, PizzaExpress saved 30% on reactive works.
  • Completion against SLA increased by 28% in the first six months.
  • Timesheets were replaced with electronic scanning – reducing administration and enabling PizzaExpress to pay engineers by the minute.
  • Restaurant managers log jobs themselves, speeding up previous processes, creating a clear audit trail and ensuring greater visibility and accountability at building level.
  • As a result of not having to continually track routine activity and deal with minor issues, the client FM team now has the time to focus on strategic improvements.
  • Suppliers are evaluated on a like-for-like basis, which has improved performance across the estate.
  • Confidence in maintenance has improved throughout the business.
30% saved on reactive works within nine months of working with Cloudfm
28% increase in completion against SLA in the first six months

Partnering up with Cloudfm has provided transparency and audit trails not previously possible, enabling a confidence in compliance data that forms the rock bed of FM. The evolving partnership has enabled innovations in technology and bolt on additions to FM service creating a more efficient and streamlined offering to the business.”

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