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Releasing time to care at Chineham Vaccination Centre


Introducing Mindsett, Cloudfm’s PropTech company developing some of the industry’s leading technology to support businesses’ ambitions for Sustainability and achieving Net Zero Targets, Energy Monitoring and Management, Predictive Maintenance capabilities and enhanced Compliance and Risk Management.

“The peace of mind that this simple but effective, technology brings to play cannot be underestimated.”


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, GPs in Basingstoke have mobilised and through strong collaboration, set up a COVID-19 Vaccination Centre.

They were compelled to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to over 100,000 patients in Hampshire in 8 months, successfully hitting that target in April 2022.
In March of 2021 the centre was also named one of the top five vaccination centres in the country, a true testament to the dedication of the staff and volunteers.

Vaccines being delivered to the centre are stored in fridges, which must remain at steady temperatures of between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
If the temperature falls outside of these tolerances, the vaccines will spoil and are wasted.

To maintain this, the medical support team at the centre, manually check all fridges morning and evening, to confirm that the displayed temperature is within tolerance.

Between centre closure daily (6pm til 8am), the vaccines are unattended and all day at the weekends.
The failure of a fridge can result in the loss of c£10k worth of vaccines.
In addition to the cold store maintenance, the centre was previously tied to a paper-based process which was subject to loss, damage and fraud.

The clinical team felt that valuable time spent on this manual process, could be better spent on patient care.
They called on Cloudfm Group to help them to find a solution to this vital problem.



Cloudfm Group are proud of the research and development into PropTech solutions that our colleagues at our sister company, ‘Mindsett’ are realising through their team of expert product developers and data scientists.

Developing end-to-end hardware and software solutions that use IoT (Internet of Things) technology combined with scientifically-based behavioural change, to bring intelligent estate and asset management into businesses.
The powerful technology being developed is focused on four main areas:
Energy monitoring and management
Predictive maintenance
Compliance and Risk
Find out more here:

At Chineham Vaccination Centre, we were able to utilise the Cold Chain Monitoring application of Mindsett’s Environmental technology with powerful results:

• The Mindsett cold chain monitoring system consists of hardware, a plug and play gateway, sensor/s to put inside your refrigerated assets and the Mindsett App.

• Sensors record the fridge temperature in real time.

• Mobile handsets and tablets receive notifications via the Mindsett App, whenever a temperature exceeds pre-set tolerances in real-time.

• The App also produces an auditable periodic report detailing the maximum and minimum temperatures of each day.
This is not only immensely reassuring, but also complies with Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements.11

• Additionally, auditable exception reports are produced by the App, detailing tolerance events for the period and any actions taken. Auditable by the CQC.

The Mindsett solution has been in operation since December 2020, both for 4G and WiFi capability. Each medical fridge is fitted with 1 gateway and sensors, enabled alerts system, exception and maximum/minimum reporting.

£10,000 Saving through preventative action at just one fridge
52 Weekends won back for NHS staff

“In responding quickly to the demands of the pandemic, our team have been stretched in many ways.
It has been reassuring to know that our refrigeration is being so accurately and continuously monitored.
Our vaccines are not compromised by busy staff accidentally leaving the refrigerator door ajar, a real issue in a 12 hour day when we are turning around 500 vaccinations.

The peace of mind that this simple but effective, technology brings to play, cannot be underestimated.

We are freed up to look after our patients, give excellent care and attention to those that walk through our doors – who need us most at this time of extreme challenges and mental anguish.

Mindsett Cold Chain Monitoring is one aspect of my healthcare practice that I will not be without. It has been a game-changer for me and my team.”

Dr Tim Cooper - Practice Partner and Clinical Director
Chineham COVID-19 Vaccination Centre
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