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Our purpose

When the why is clear, the trust is there


So, our purpose is to restore trust in the FM industry by changing the rules. This means we have a code of conduct that we live and work by. And that is fundamentally that we always do the right thing – by our clients, our staff and our suppliers. This involves a total step-change in operations compared to the rest of the industry – from an incentivised supply chain to an Average Job Value model to 100% checks on compliance works. Trust is key, without it we are nothing.

Our rules

In order to truly live our purpose, we have a set of rules. Firstly, transparency is everything – everyone can access the same information about how a task is progressing in real time. Secondly, data is always rock solid – our systems and automated processes make sure our data is accurate so you can trust what you see. The third rule is to always be fair – clients only pay for time and materials actually used and our supply chain are paid a fair price for the work they do. A further guideline we follow is to always enforce quality maintenance – our preventative maintenance approach results in fewer breakdowns, ensures sites are safe and compliant and includes the audit of all third-party work. Our fifth and final rule is to make certain we have expertise at every level of our business – our investment in our people is second to none and means we’re always better placed to offer solutions that meet our clients' needs.

Our services

Facilities Management
Facilities Management

Our award-winning FM solution leads with our internally-developed technology, backed up by the best people and the most stringent processes. No one can influence or manipulate our data. This means you can trust what you see. No hidden agenda, no hidden costs.

Technical Consultancy
Technical Consultancy

Our consultancy service works with some of the best-known organisations in the world to optimise FM procurement and delivery, manage risk and control costs. Providing impartial advice and support, our experts can work with you in a way that suits your business – either offering a purely consultative review service, or a more hands-on approach.

Tech Solutions
Tech Solutions

Not just another dashboard – our technology caters for your business in a way that’s meaningful for your maintenance management, from full cost control to live task progress. It doesn’t end there, with our sister company, Mindsett, we also combine the latest IOT and AI developments to reduce costs and eliminate energy waste.

Let’s chat

We’re always happy to talk more about our purpose and why it means we’re the most genuine company in the industry. If you want to know more contact us for a chat.

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