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You want expertise in your hard FM delivery, so it makes sense to engage with a specialist hard FM provider. Cloudfm not only manages a supply chain but also offers self-delivery through our close partners and their specialist engineers. This means you get the expert assistance you need, specific to the job that needs doing. No plumbers arriving at air conditioning tasks or electricians telling you they’re not qualified to fix your drainage.

Managed Services

Transparency is important to you – it’s too common in the industry for data to be manipulated so you only see what your provider wants in order to paint the best picture. We give you the best service (not lip service) with accurate, live data – no one can influence or change it which means there’s no hidden agenda or costs. Our online Freedom system is internally-developed and is backed up by a highly-skilled 24/7 helpdesk, dedicated account management and processes that mean you, and the supply chain, get a fair deal and quality service every step of the way.

We also recognise that often you want to keep your existing supply chain when you become a client, and we want to ensure the supply chain’s income is protected. That’s why we make the transition to Cloudfm for supply chain partners as easy as possible. Our rates are fair, and performance is incentivised.

Planned maintenance

For your expert needs, our close partners directly employ engineers, specifically trained by Cloudfm, for the sole purpose of delivering planned maintenance visits and compliance work across the UK and Ireland. This service is subject to the same stringent standards expected of our supply chain partners with the same service level agreements in place. Their wide skill base and range of disciplines is consistently grown through training and development meaning our engineers are the best in the business. Because costs are important to you, Cloudfm consistently deliver a reduction in reactive tasks and protect the lifecycle of assets which sees decreasing costs year on year to you, the client.

Other Services

Technical Consultancy
Technical Consultancy

Our consultancy service works with some of the best-known organisations in the world to optimise FM procurement and delivery, manage risk and control costs. Providing impartial advice and support, our experts can work with you in a way that suits your business – either offering a purely consultative review service, or a more hands-on approach.

Tech Solutions
Tech Solutions

Not just another dashboard – our technology caters for your business in a way that’s meaningful for your maintenance management, from full cost control to live task progress. It doesn’t end there, with our sister company, Mindsett, we also combine the latest IOT and AI developments to reduce costs and eliminate energy waste.

About Cloudfm

Founded in 2011 to fix a facilities management industry that was fundamentally broken, Cloudfm has always strived to be decades ahead in doing things differently – we recognise what you want to be able to manage your building portfolio in a cost-effective, compliant and quality-led way.

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Become a supply chain partner

We know suppliers want to be treated fairly and transparently, with a secure income and good rate. As a supply chain partner, you can expect steady business and fair renumeration – we always do the right thing by our partners so they can always do the right thing by their staff.

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