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Download our webinar for insights across your whole estate – See what’s really going on

Published 12/05/2022

If you were intrigued by what was behind our recent win with TGI Fridays UK, you can find out for yourself and gain insights into the Technology that is powering our business. Register for our first ever webinar hosted in partnership with Big Hospitality magazine, to be broadcast 17 May at 11am.

Ask our panel including client Azzurri Group. how they really know what’s going on with their facilities.
You can register to view the webinar live or download it for on-demand viewing later, here:;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=095FEDC3-BAA2-47EE-94F2-E3041C424F42&AffiliateData=BH_Billboard&

For further insights into how we’re supporting hospitality clients with gaining unrivalled visibility across their estate – click the link below:

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