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Partnering with The Reef Company

Published 07/11/2022

Jeroen van der Waal, founder of The Blue Beat Company, OrcaNation, and The Reef Company, and Cloudfm have recently walked the walk by signing an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for a strategic partnership with the Reef Company which will enable the Cloudfm Group to provide assistance to their mission in a significant way.

Through our collaboration and support, we are stressing the need to first look at our marine ecosystems and the impact they have, not just at sea, but also, on land.

You can learn more about the breathtaking work that The Reef Company are undertaking –
Watch here:

And also read our CEO’s open letter to the Financial Times here:

and below:

“While I commend the initiative discussed by Henry Paulson in his piece on reforestation (“Planting trees is not a panacea — we need to save existing forests”, Opinion, July 22), and his commitment to the preservation of existing woodland, I believe that the greatest focus in the coming years must be the preservation of our marine ecosystems.

It’s an oft-repeated misconception that our woodlands and rainforests (admittedly a key part of our global ecosystem) are the “lungs” of the planet. In fact, between 50 and 80 per cent of our oxygen supply comes from the oceans — a region which has been ravaged by acidification, reef desertification and overfishing. If the oceans are restored to their previous glory, they will become the single largest method of carbon capture to help save the planet.

While the defence of our ecosystem is a broad subject with many distinct disciplines, I am finding myself increasingly concerned by the unwillingness of political leaders to make the difficult decisions required to offset the collapse of our marine ecology, and the environmental collapse that is likely to follow.

Jeff Dewing
Chief Executive, Cloudfm
Colchester, UK

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