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Season Three

Published 13/02/2023

Season Three of the podcast ‘Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors’ launches this month.

Our first episode (released on Wednesday 15th February), features our own Head of ESG, Kat Christopoulos, as part of an expert panel, alongside Jeroen van de Waal and Rita Carbo. We hear them passionately sharing their views on the realities of climate change and what steps we can take as individuals to start making a difference to our planet’s health today.

“Not only are we, as a planet, putting out too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but we are also undermining our most effective carbon sinks. The Amazon Rainforest, touted as the lungs of our planet, is now a net-emitter of carbon. How can we reduce our carbon output whilst protecting our natural carbon sinks?”

Kat talks about the role that infrastructure plays in allowing people to make the right decision. If towns and cities are designed in effective ways, it becomes easier for people to be less reliant on cars to get around.

Jeroen shares some startling statistics, such as how electricity usage is predicted to double by 2050 and the world population will grow by 2 billion people. How can we prepare for that extra demand in a way that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and what lifestyle choices can we make today to reduce our carbon footprint?

Hosted by our CEO Jeff Dewing, ‘Doing the opposite: Business Disruptors’ is a series that takes a deep-dive into topical themes, by interviewing guests whose work encapsulates our ESG principles, around ‘doing the right thing’. Our guests in Season Three all reflect these principles and add serious weight to our desire to lead our industry when it comes to ESG. They also tell great stories that are educational and entertaining.

Topics include sustainability and protecting our planet’s health. We look at what being a socially responsible business means, such as embracing diversity, inclusion and community support. And guests have lively discussions about workplace culture, and what sets the best places to work apart from the ordinary.

Free to listen or view from wherever you pick up your favourite podcasts and on YouTube.
Visit: to pick up the entire series.

Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors – Series 3 launches this week! – YouTube

Over ten weeks, we will release episodes with deeply knowledgeable and inspirational guests, such as Vikas Shah MBE, Nazir Afzal OBE, Dr Joan Fallon, Prof.John Mullins and polar explorer Manley Hopkinson.

We can’t wait for you to join us.
You can read about our ESG roadmap for 2023 here: ESG Roadmap

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